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Environmental and Energy Efficiency Consulting Solutions

— About Anchor Blue LLC —

Anchor Blue LLC is a woman-owned environmental and energy efficiency consulting firm specializing in services related to energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainable development, both within the United States and abroad. We offer a broad spectrum of solutions to utilities, government agencies, municipal governments, and non-profit clients to help them design, implement, and evaluate their programs and projects in an effective and efficient manner. The Anchor Blue team collectively has over 30 years of experience in the energy efficiency industry and 10 years working with sustainable development non-profits, resulting in our multi-faceted solution offerings across varying project types. Though our primary market relates to organizations working in the energy field, our service offerings can be adapted to suit any market, as the principles and practices are transferable beyond the energy industry.

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Environmental and Energy Solutions

Consulting Services and Expertise

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Experience and expertise to deliver top-caliber services to energy clients and non-profit organizations

Public & Municipal Utilities

Our small team, nimble services, competitive rates and years of experience working with public and municipal utilities make for an ideal partnership — The Anchor Blue team has years of experience offering energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions to these clients.

Non-Profit Organizations

Through our team’s involvement with Engineers Without Borders and Green Empowerment, Anchor Blue members have worked with a number of domestic and international non-profits, having evaluated and participated in several sustainable and renewable energy development programs.

Government Utility Commissions & Organizations

Public Utility Commissions and Municipal Associations often oversee and fund energy efficiency programs — Our energy efficiency expertise and services are tailored to serve these entities.

Energy Efficiency Alliances & Organizations

Anchor Blue team members have worked with several energy efficiency alliances and organizations in previous positions, providing regional market studies and market transformation solutions.


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Gary Cullen

Sr. Partner
Gary Cullen has over 30 years of experience in the energy efficiency industry, most recently with Navigant Consulting and its predecessor company Summit Blue Consulting.

Bethany Foran

Bethany Foran has extensive experience identifying and installing sustainable renewable energy and engineering solutions to access clean water with a number of third world projects for Engineers without Borders and Green Empowerment.

Angie Lee

Angie brings nearly 10 years of Energy Efficiency experience to the team with expertise in measure characterization, Demand-Side Management program evaluation and market assessment.

Consulting Support

Robert Russell

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